Community Feedback & Questions

We're introducing new accommodations and amenities to Sebastopol and appreciate your feedback and questions. This page provides answers to common questions about the project, including design, amenities, economic impact, and environmental considerations. We're committed to transparent communication and fostering a constructive dialogue with our community. Together, we can make The Barlow Hotel a cherished addition to Sebastopol.

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What is the vision behind The Barlow Hotel project?

The Barlow Hotel aims to be a unique destination within the Barlow Market District, offering 83 rooms for guests and incorporating design elements inspired by the regional vernacular. It seeks to complement the existing charm of the district while adding value to the community through sustainable architecture and thoughtful urban planning.

How big is The Barlow Hotel project?

The Barlow Hotel project proposes an 83-room hotel encompassing a blend of 2 and 3-story structures organized around five beautifully designed courtyards, with a modest fourth-story rooftop bar. The hotel will feature a range of amenities including meeting rooms, retail space, a gym, a spa, and a restaurant and bar that are open to the public, alongside ground-floor retail spaces.  At 26,000 square feet, the footprint is substantially the same as the existing Guayaki building. In total, the hotel is 70,000 square feet.

What amenities will The Barlow Hotel offer?

Guests and visitors can look forward to a variety of amenities including meeting rooms, retail space, a gym, a spa, a rooftop pool and bar, a restaurant and bar, and ground-floor retail spaces, enriching the local community and visitor experience.

What is the property used for now?

The site is currently occupied by Guayaki Yerba Matte. This area is known for its vibrant mix of local artisan and commercial spaces. The transition to The Barlow Hotel seeks to enhance the district's offerings by introducing new accommodations and amenities while aiming to retain the area’s unique character and appeal.

How will the new parking lot benefit the community?

The project introduces a new parking lot at the Batch Plant, offering 241 parking spaces—over 163 more than what the project requires. This addition aims to alleviate parking constraints for both Barlow guests and Sebastopol residents, while also restoring previously damaged land.

What are the economic benefits of The Barlow Hotel to Sebastopol?

The Barlow Hotel is estimated to contribute $2.07 million annually to Sebastopol’s city budget, providing a substantial boost to the local economy.

The Barlow Hotel is expected to significantly boost Sebastopol's economy by:

  • Increasing the city's tax revenue by overalmost $2 million per year will be a substantial increase to the City of Sebastopol’s General Fund, which was $10,758,460 in 2023/2024 and will help alleviate budget deficits or fund city projects like affordable housing.
  • Supporting local businesses with an estimated $23.4 million in annual economic activity, translating to an additional $64,100 spent daily at local businesses.

How does The Barlow Hotel address flood risks?

Most of the hotel's ground floor (including all hotel rooms) will be raised above the flood zone, offering passive protection against flooding. This, combined with the removal of 36,000 square feet of non-flood-protected building space, significantly reduces Sebastopol’s vulnerability to flooding.

How does The Barlow support local producers?

The Barlow is a hub for Sonoma County artisans, with approximately 136,000 square feet dedicated to the production of local products, making up about 61% of its total square footage. The project aims to attract more customers to support these producers, thereby preserving The Barlow's industrial character and contributing to the local economy.

How will the hotel impact Sebastopol's accommodations landscape?

With the loss of the 31-room Sebastopol Inn, The Barlow Hotel will fill a critical need for hotel accommodations in Sebastopol, offering a welcoming and comfortable stay for travelers.

What is the status of The Barlow Hotel project?

After initially submitting plans in May 2022 and experiencing delays, The Barlow withdrew its application. The team is currently revising the plans with the intent to resubmit in April 2024.

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